40mm Isoboard Ceilings

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It’s time to take control of your DIY project with our 40mm Isoboard Ceilings! Our high-quality, extruded polystyrene boards are strong, non-repugnant, and lightweight – providing you with the ideal home insulation you’ve been searching for. Whether it’s a single garage or 6m long office, these 600mm wide boards are simple and quick to install with just one helper needed – all thanks to their T&G finish which clips into each other for easy fitting.

Never done it before? Not a problem. Simply watch the handy video we created and you’ll be an expert in no time. With Isoboard Ceilings, not only will you reduce noise but also insulate your home during summer and winter – keeping your energy bills down while experiencing comfortable temperatures all year round.

When choosing home insulation solutions, why settle for anything less than the best? With our 40mm Isoboard Ceilings, achieving the perfect DIY project is now more achievable than ever – so don’t hesitate any longer! Get yours today and enjoy endless benefits as soon as tomorrow! Install 100mm Aerolite Insulation to reduce noise pollution and increase R-value.

Are you looking for a DIY insulation solution that is quick and easy to install? Look no further than Isoboard Ceilings! Our 40mm Isoboard Ceilings are made from high-quality, extruded polystyrene which makes them strong, non-repugnant, and lightweight. These 600mm wide boards come in various lengths depending on your needs and can be fitted with just one helper. With our T&G finish, the boards simply clip into each other for simple fitting.

Installing 40mm Isoboard Ceilings

If you’re an above average DIY enthusiast then this job is right up your street! Never done it before? Fear not: we’ve even created a handy video to help guide you through the installation process. Whether it’s a single garage or 6m long office, our Isoboard ceilings can be finished in no time at all – and without any mess!

The advantages of Isoboard Ceilings don’t end there either. Not only will they reduce noise but they’ll also insulate your home during summer and winter, keeping your energy bills down and temperatures comfortable all year round – so why hesitate? Take control of your DIY project today with our 40mm Isoboard Ceiling solutions! Importantly install either 135mm Aerolite Insulation or the 135mm Aerolite to reduce noise pollution and improve indoor temperature. Although Isoboard XPS Ceilings have an R-value it needs to be topped up with insulation to achieve the R-value 3.7.



Aged R-value


Fire Rating

B/B 1/2



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